Why become a ShopChum merchant?

As a ShopChum merchant you are presented with many advantages. The main advantage that is given to you as you become a ShopChum merchant is publicity for your business,for every business whether big or small publicity is essential for a business to thrive and survive. When you decide to become a ShopChum merchant right away your business is entreated with an online presence. Marketing can be a huge driving force for every business however it can also be difficult as well especially if the business in question is a small one, marketing can easily cost at around hundreds or even thousands of dollars whether successfull or not and it also takes a huge deal of effort on the merchant's part to make their establishment more noticeble. As a result ShopChum presents another advantage for the merchant by actively seeking out potential customers on behalf of the merchant and attracting them towards the merchant's store while we further provide methods to the merchant in order to allure more customers. The other advantage of being a ShopChum merchant is being able to utilize all our lucrative services for far less the cost then you would have spent on traditional marketing firms, the best of all is we don't start collecting are fees yet until a customer has already come to your store to make a purchase to ensure your business never loses.

What is our fees?

ShopChum lends its services at really low costs at 7.9% per customer transaction. The merchant must agree upon some of the requests that are being sent by ShopChum customers in hopes of reduction of the price on a item.