Why become a ShopChum merchant?

For all entrepreneurs and small business owners who sign up to be a Shopchum merchant, ShopChum will help in lowering its merchants average overhead costs by introducing them to its store hosting services(coming soon). It allows the merchant to share space in one of ShopChum's location with the benefit of having everything already set up with no startup costs, additionally ShopChum will aid in the manipulation of our merchants products, ranging from storage to delivery. Whether your a entrepreneur just starting out, a business owner that wants to expand operations or a business owner that wants to to scale back operations in order to save on cash this service will greatly help with these visions.

What is our fees?

ShopChum lends its services at a cost of 4% per customer transaction and a montly cost of $59.99 if the merchants opt for Shopchum's storehosting(coming soon) services. Disclaimer: merchants must agree upon some of the requests that are being sent by ShopChum customers in hopes of reduction of the price on some of their items.