About Us


As technology evolves and societal norms change the role of shopping changes as well. Currently online shopping has become more prominent in day to day shopping than ever before.As a result people feel less the need to go out and shop for their items.This consequently eliminates the experience of going out with friends and family to shop.It also effects small businesses as well because with more people choosing to shop from home small businesses lose out.This is where we come in, ShopChum , we are on a mission to help boost small businesses at the same time provide convenient tools and deals for shoppers.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to bring good quality shopping experiences for both consumers and merchants alike.We aim to provide great deals and tools for consumers to utilize for their daily shopping needs.For merchants we strive to bring more customers to their shops.

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Why Choose Us Over Others

Why choose us? because we are a team who relentessly work to meet with objectives, we ensure all our clients and merchants are satisfied or else we are not either.